ASTM D Standard Test Method for Cone Penetration of Petrolatum. Qty. Model, Description. 1, Choose One: H, Universal penetrometer ( includes standard needle). H, Penetrometer with digital timer*, V, 60Hz. Buy ASTM D R TEST METHOD FOR CONE PENETRATION OF PETROLATUM from SAI Global.

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In case of central lubrication systems, the penetration is used for the observation of the pumpability of fluid grease.

Grease and petrolatum The consistency of grease from almost fluid to semi-fluid to hard can be measured in a range up to Penetration Units.

Typical semi-fluid and semi-solid samples are butter, grease, ointment, and petrolatum. Sturdy cast iron base provides excellent support and has a built-in spirit level and leveling screws to insure proper alignment of the penetrometer during testing.

Consistency measurement is used to determine the degree to which a material resists deformation by an applied force.

Seta Half-Scale Penetrometer Cone

The NLGI system see point 4. If the consistency of ketchup is not optimal, it will not flow out of the bottle easily.

Consistency gives food the typical mouthfeel that is experienced when it is swallowed. It is supplied with 50 and gram weights and standard Especially for the evaluation of processes satm as kneading, pumping, mixing, filling, and brushing, it is essential to optimize the energy balance by adjusting the consistency.

Conclusions concerning the following can be drawn from the penetration value:.

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A typical example of consistency determination is the penetration measurement of grease. What is an inner structure? Right-click to open the PDF in a new window or download it: Soft bitumen consistency under warm climatic conditions causes ruts on the road and bitumen to drop off roof shingles because of an insufficient stiffness of the bitumen binder.

Micro-cone set; cup assembled. A fluid liquid has no such yield point. Email Us or call toll-free: This helps when selecting the bitumen binder c937 suited to the climatic conditions of the respective region.

This website uses cookies to improve user experience. Anything that 9d37 dissolved or dispersed in a material contributes to its inner structure. However, if a substance is too liquid it may run off the bread slice. Definition of consistency Consistency describes the degree to which a semi-fluid or semi-solid material resists deformation by an applied force.

The sensory expectations of the customer have to be fulfilled. Enter product namemake or model.

Using this value, conclusions can be drawn adtm the performance of bitumen as a binder for road construction. Oxidation Bomb for Petroleum Testing. Depending on their physical behavior, all materials can be placed on a scale from highly viscous to semi-solid and solid. Grease penetration measurement [1]. Penetration is the basic value for the bitumen classification systems worldwide.

The consistency can have a significant effect on other physical properties.

Looking for a specific close-up? This can be solvent molecules, more complex polymeric structures, small particles, gas bubbles, etc. The harder more solid the material, the smaller the cone angle should be. Once the yield point is passed, a fraction of the deformation will be permanent and nonreversible. The treatment in a grease worker exposes the sample to high mechanical stress in a comparatively short time.


A typical device which is used for the determination of consistency is a penetrometer. Samples in a row from fluid left to solid right. The penetration test is used for adjusting the right consistency:. The penetration test provides information on the texture. Hard grease will not work properly for a bearing that needs to be lubricated as it will not adequately grease the whole contact area. Examples which illustrate the importance of consistency measurement are given in section 4.

ASTM D – 97 Standard Test Method for Cone Penetration of Petrolatum

Record the average of four penetrations on the sample in the container ashm a single test result. What are your requirements. A brief presentation of the globally used ASTM test is d9937 below: ASTM D, IPDIN – Needle penetration of petroleum waxes Covers the empirical estimation of the consistency of waxes derived from petroleum by measurement of the extent of penetration of a standard needle.

Release the load for five seconds and read the penetration distance. The value is obtained by calculation from needle penetration and the ring-and-ball softening point using a softening point tester.

Hard bitumen consistency under cold climatic conditions generates fatigue cracks on the road surface and in cold coatings; the material becomes more brittle.