Baku: An Eventful History [James Dodds Henry] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. This is a reproduction of a book published before Baku: an eventful history. Front Cover. James Dodds Henry. A. Constable & Co., ltd., – Armenian question – pages. Baku: An Eventful History. Front Cover. James Dodds Henry. A. Constable & Company, Limited, – Petroleum industry and trade – pages.

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In Texas, where the spouters are not so powerful as the famous wells of Baku, they work a evnetful system of valves, and producers are compelled to lose as little time as possible in getting their wells under control. You, and you alone, will be to blame for this, and will have to answer for it at the second coming of the Lord our God.

Liebich, the famous chemist, furnished the plans and working drawings designed on the system adopted by the German makers of photogen from shale. You will then be put to death, and all your property given up to plunder. For a generation Baku has kept the balance of trade in the important matter of a world’s commodity ; her subterranean stores have provided those supplies which have prevented a world-wide American monopoly and kept oil cheap on this side of the Atlantic.

Catalog Record: Baku, an eventful history | Hathi Trust Digital Library

For this reason their chief aim was to produce as much as possible per still irrespective of quality. For some years the refiners histlry the Nobels 5 copecks per pood of crude piped a distance of 6J miles. The result was an extension of proven territory. The excise insisted on this feed-heater being considered as a second still, and proposed that he should either pay the double tax or remove the auxiliary apparatus, and distil his crude by the usual method, i.

While there was no com- petition, the colour did not matter much untilwhen 42 BAKU. Skrine, who visited Baku about six years ago, gives the following account: It will rise, phcenix-like, from the ashes of those wonderful oil fields and that anciently-famous and industrially useful city. Some 9, poods went to waste before the spouter was got under control. Two or three months after the abolition of the contract system the number of petroleum refineries increased at such 46 BAKU.

No sooner, however, had they learned, or thought they had learned, how to produce photogen than they found reasons why they should get rid of the inventor.

Approached from the Caspian, Baku — on the hillside, a panorama of white houses and splendid public buildings, and below the business thoroughfare stretching from Bailov Point and Black Town, a distance of seven miles — is picturesque, nay, majestic and noble, I care not whether it is seen beneath the winter snow or the tropical summer sun.


Four large lakes of oil were formed before the spouter was got under control on November 23rd. As therefore our Russian nation has been injured and insulted by these villains, and can obtain no reparation, we are compelled, after fervent prayer to our Lord God for victory, to march in person with our invincible army against the rebels, in full confidence that we shall bring to condign punishment those villains who have occa- sioned so much vexation and mischief to both parties, and do ourselves ample justice.

Baku: an eventful history,

Beyond this the oil could be seen flowing away in a broad channel towards the sea. A number of houses and plots in the upper Tartar quarter were empty, their Armenian owners evenful fled. The oil was taken out of the pits in skin bags which were drawn to the surface by horses working a pulley arrangement. Humboldt, the famous traveller, there were only eighty-two pits in The first fractions collected represented a perfectly colourless liquid of 0.

Home About Help Search. In a small area veentful a few thousand square feet one derrick after another was erected, and the famous Shaitan Devil’s Bazaar was established. The refineries were not slow to find out the weak point in the excise regulations. When the light of the temple went out, Petrolia for Canada, Pennsylvania for America, and Bobrka for Galicia were supplying the world with a new light.

Just before the massacres the municipal authorities asked the chiefs of the military to permit them to convert it into a public museum. This was the origin of the first kerosene refinery near Baku.

At Golden Bazaar a still more prolific spouter was brought in at the end of on group No. The drama of a year has been played in three well defined and separate acts.

That this task will be successfully performed I am confident, for I have had ample opportunities for eventcul that Mr. Setting the Thames on fire one had heard of, but I never thought I should really witness the sea in a blaze. There are no known copyright restrictions in the United Historh on the use of the text. His petition was submitted to the Emperor by yistory Minister of Finance.

The owners of two works, one in Central and the other in South Russia, at which lubricating oil, soot, pitch-coke, and a heavy illumin- ating oil were produced by distilling residuum, succeeded in convincing the Inland Revenue that it would be unfair to impose a tax as they were only treating residuum, a pro- duct which had already paid the excise tax. In my evenfful of ancient Russian works on the Cauccisus, I have been struck with the great desire Peter the Great displayed to take Baku from the Persians.

Within eight months of the abolition of the eventrul system the price of crude had dropped to two copecks a pood. There being indications that they were approaching the oil stratum which fed the Ararat Com- pany’s spouter, work was stopped, and the head of the casing strengthened down to 20 ft. Oil was sold eventfull an illuminant, eentful in its crude state, but distilled, and refined by chemical re-agents.


James Dodds Henry Find more information about: The part played by the excise authorities in the early development of the refining industry of Baku makes curious reading. There is, however, some reason why the petroleum men of the Caucasus should see in the Czar’s manifesto and the resumption of office and power by Count Witte evidence of the approach of better times in the commercial and industrial centres of Russia, and, of course, amongst these we must not fail to include the Caucasus hisstory its vast mineral resources and a great petroleum industry.

The crude was almost translucent and of lower specific gravity than kerosene, and it contained a very small percentage of fractions suitable for use as illuminating oil, while the other fractions were of a too low flash point to be safely used in ordinary lamps. Baku is unique ; its wild life is full of memories of insurrections and romance ; while the mysteries of its people — an extraordinary conglomeration of conflicting races and antagonistic spiritual influences — and that greatest mystery of all, the limitless extent of its oil deposits, are not more fascinating than its actual achieve- ments vaku the realms of trade and commerce.

Catalog Record: Baku, an eventful history | Hathi Trust Digital Library

Of these twenty could hardly handle one hundred poods a day. At Babylon, an asphalt-like material prepared from oil collected on a tributary of the Euphrates, a few hundred miles from Babylon, was used for building purposes. However, formatting rules can vary widely between eventfyl and fields of interest or study.

One of these, erected near Tver, was intended for the exploitation of the village peat deposits of the province of Tver ; the other was erected by Witte and Company on the Holy Island east of the Apscheron Peninsula for the dry distillation of ozokerit, which yielded 68 per cent, of paraffin scale and 8 per cent, of oil. In thirty minutes a tank was filled to the brim and the oil flowed all over the place, forming one lake after another.

Istarkhi, the Arabian chronicler, who lived in the eighth century A. Without Customs protection the home industry, then in the first stage of development, would have been crushed out of existence by American competition, and this would have been easy because the Americans had secured a firm footing on the Russian markets at a time when the home industry was in embryo.

Above the well mud and sand formed a cone-shaped mound, down the slopes of which rushed rivers of oil.