Muslims defeated a Roman army at Yarmuk, in Syria, in The Battle of Yarmuk is now little remembered, but its outcome forever changed. The collapse of Byzantium’s military position in the near-east was sealed by the Battle of Yarmuk (also spelled Yarmouk) in AD Indeed, it is no exaggeration . The Battle of Yarmuk, fought in AD, was the turning point in Arab history that put a stop to any future Muslim attempt to expand into Europe. Fought between.

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Having secured southern Palestine, Muslim forces now advanced up the trade route, where Tiberias and Baalbek fell without much struggle, and conquered Emesa early in Omar September 5, 9: The Yarmukk Empire Emperor Heraclius with about 60, men, including 14, cavalry.

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Khalid then invited Gregorious to his tent to perform ablution and salat. In what became known as the Ridda wars of —, Abu Bakr managed to unite Arabia under the central authority of the Caliph at Medina.

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Yarmuk, Battle of

However the Byzantine assault lacked determination; many soldiers of the Imperial Army were unable to press the attack against the Muslim battke. Also known as the Battle of Yarmouk, Yarmuq or Hieromyax.

Vahan deployed Jabalah’s Christian Arabsmounted on horses and camels, as a skirmishing force, screening the main army until its arrival. This all stands in stark contrast to the very successful offensive plan that Khalid carried out on the final day, when he reorganised bzttle all his cavalry and committed them to a grand manoeuvre that won the battle. I hope the muslim-haters stop making excuses and give the muslims their due respect. Click here to view animation. Troubles emerged soon after Abu Bakr ‘s succession, when several Arab tribes openly revolted against Abu Bakr, who declared war against the rebels.

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Relations between the various Byzantine commanders were also fraught with tension. On 17 AugustVahan pondered over his failures and mistakes yarmu the previous day, where he launched attacks against respective Muslim flanks, yarmik after initial success, his men were pushed back.

Battle of Yarmuk (Yarmuk) | Alternative History | FANDOM powered by Wikia

Stanford University Press, The Byzantines pursuit of the Arabs, however, imposed massive logistical strains on the Empire and the local population in particularand served to exacerbate the disputes over strategy within the Byzantine high command.

He wanted to know why Khalid was called Sayf Allah sword of Allah. Khalid explained that the Prophet called him this when he had converted to Islam. This, however, was likely unavoidable. Fighting against 2 enemies at the same time is never easy, especially when those 2 enemies are powerful.

This was most probably the delaying tactic employed by Umar on the Persian front. Hal Klegman January 10, Walaja has been released: I considered just giving up and animating another battle but what kind of historian would I be? Aliya March 14, Thank you for your time. I thought was late antiquity. After the battle, the Arabs were eager to avoid battle with the Byzantines and instead shifted their efforts eastward into central and southern Asia.

He also decided to sleep on the floor, declining the offer by the Bishop of Damascus to sleep in the most resplendent dwelling in the city! Having failed to defeat the Muslim armies in open battle, the Byzantine army withdrew to form a defensive line along the Taurus and Anti-Taurus mountain ranges. This ravine joins the Yarmouk River, a tributary of the Jordan Riveron its south. There was no one else of any importance in the area save the Khazarswho had admittedly slipped through Abu Bakr’s calculations and consequently he felt it would be easiest first to eliminate the Byzantines, the stronger of Arabia’s future opponents, and then to use what was left of this force to conquer Persia.

Concepts used in the description of the battle lines of the Muslims and the Byzantines. Unbeknownst to the Byzantines, Khalid had prepared for such a contingency by placing a strong outpost line in front during the night to counter surprises, which gave the Muslims time to prepare for battle.


This is clearly demonstrated by the fact that the muslims were usually outnumbered by the Byzantines and the Persians on the battle field. Heraclius, in response, sent forth his finest horse archers, the Vardatorii to skirmish with the Arabs. The Battle of Stalingrad April 2, We welcome suggested improvements to any of our articles. Readers Comments 63 Shahzad Hassan February 20, One has to understand that the runup to this battle had seen 5 years of peace for the Byzantines during the preceding 26 years.

Qanatir, commanding the Byzantine left flank which consisted of mainly Slavsattacked in force, and the Muslim infantry on the right flank had to retreat. By forcing the Muslims to retreat, or by destroying Muslim forces separately, he would fulfill his strategy of recapturing lost territory.

Battle of Yarmouk | Summary |

The Muslims were outnumbered perhaps 4 to 1 along with being massively outgunned and under equiped. Khalid took his cavalry north to block the northern route of escape. Early on 19 Augustthe fifth day of the battle, Vahan sent an emissary to the Muslim camp for a truce for the next few days so that fresh negotiations could battoe held.

I thank you for the appreciation of my work, this animation is one that was particularly time-consuming and difficult. Keaton July 7, 7: Truly, there exists no religion like Islam that inspires men to rape, murder and plunder without regret or guilt. Vahan deployed or Imperial Army facing east, with a front about 13 kilometres 8.

Byzantine Armenia fell to the Muslims in —39, after which Heraclius created a buffer zone in central Anatolia by ordering all the forts east of Tarsus to be evacuated. A History of Byzantium.