Princess Bria Visconti demands the return of the money her brother rashly invested in Cutter Salvage. Treasure hunter Nick Cutter is too reckless, too arroga. Read “Riptide” by Cherry Adair with Rakuten Kobo. Princess Bria Visconti demands the return of the money her brother rashly invested in Cutter Salvage. Buy a cheap copy of Riptide book by Cherry Adair. Princess Bria Visconti demands the return of the money her brother rashly invested in Cutter Salvage.

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Her parents were murdered and she was whisked away to live in hiding by her personal bodyguard. Martin’s Press Release Date: She’s a spoiled brat, with a perpetual air of entitlement and expecting everyone to fall at her feet.

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I don’t think you have to read the first book in order to read this one. Bria is spoiled and wants her way or no way. There were some grammar mistakes and quite a few things that were repeated I’m talking whole paragraphs cherey lots of repetitive phrasing that killed me. The only question is–will he do it? I also enjoyed the storyline focusing on Jonah and the reasoning behind why he was so keen to stay close to Nick; I actually found it really sweet a major spoiler so I wont reveal what it is.

So for my wedding anniversary my husband bought me 15 ‘blind dates’ such a good man! The story itself was also good and didn’t felt es disjointed as in the 1st book, one story put all the pieces of chery puzzle together. The fascinating part is Jonah. It was almost over-the-top with the way everything happened, but still so, so good. Nick, the middle brother, is at the end of one of his dive trips.

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The adventure is that good. I love it when the hero tries desperately to fight his attraction to the heroine.

When Brie is attacked on the ship, Nick doesn’t know if she was the target, he tries to take her away but danger follows. Oh well, to each her own, but I’m keeping hope alive that I’ll eventually find one that will rock for me. The romance is that wild and I had a grand time discovering the truth. It’s another thing that’s just not working for me in these books. Bria is quite the mixed bag of contradictions. He has trust issues stemming from his fathers infidelity and she was able to gain his trust and bring out a different side of him.

Overall View Riptide is a stunning story that connects to the reader. Avair he has kept under lock and key for a long time.

Dance with the Devil. The investors know before the invest that there are no guarantees and absolutely no refunds. The only people I could trust in the story were the names Nick listed plus the heroine. If you liked the adventure of Undertowyou’ll enjoy Riptide too. This book is recommended for adults. Oh and big plus, none of them talked about getting married.

He knows he has to get her off his boat, the sooner the better. Princess Bria Visconti is determined to get the riiptide back from the Cutter family that her brother, the King of Marrezo has invested in a lapse of judgement.

He must have been very uncomfortable. I didn’t need to be told that every single time she got the hots for him.

But when both started to warm up chedry each other I even started to like Bria, and I had to agree with her that she was the fire to his ice. Nick seemed to have a constant erection throughout the entire book. There were some twists that I was not expecting. Together these two were combustible. Max has assured Nick this is a low risk operation–he and his team will be waiting to arrest the smugglers when they cherfy up for the diamonds.


I’m usually a fan of Ms. Brunette, beautiful, with killer curves and long legs–and a sassy mouth and won’t-take-no-for-an-answer attitude chery boot!

I look forward to reading the next book, Vortex in the Cutter Cay series which has an expected release date. Hell or High Water. Oh yeah, the minute Bria arrives, you know Nick is going to have a hard time keeping that icy facade in place.

Riptide | Cherry Adair – New York Times Bestselling Author

And this book was supposed to be a romantic suspense, but it doesn’t exactly come across as one for the first two-thirds of the book. Perhaps it was her? This is a very fast paced, action packed novel.

We appreciate your feedback. So she goes to Nick Cutter acair beg for a refund of the money. Just the sight of this woman is making his blood boil. I had a hard time getting into the story, didn’t care about the characters, found it overall pretty boring, and thought the plot was rather outlandish even for Romancelandia. And yet for riotide first two-thirds of the book, all you really get is constant interaction between Bria and Ritpide.

Princess Bria Visconti demands the return of the money her brother rashly invested in Cutter Salvage. He considers them to be his closest friends and partners in their business Cutter Salvage.