EE DATA STRUCTURES AND ALGORITHMS TWO MARK QUESTIONS WITH ANSWERS ANNA UNIVERSITY QUESTION BANK. Sign in. Main menu. EE Data Structures and Algorithms – 2 MARKS. Instructions: 1. CLICK HERE to view the document online. 2. CLICK HERE to Download. EE DATA STRUCTURES AND ALGORITHM (Common to EEE, EIE & ICE) UNIT I LINEAR STRUCTURES Abstract Data Types (ADT) List ADT array-based .

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If the set is non-empty, one of the nodes is distinguished as the root node, while the remaining possibly empty set of nodes are grouped into subsets, each of which is itself a tree. It has been an awesome experience to reach out to so many students.


This is accomplished by doing a right rotation at P. A graph G consist of a nonempty set V which is a set of nodes of the graph, a set E which is the set of edges of the graph, structres a mapping from the set for edge E to a set of pairs of elements of V.

Find X – Returns the position of X. Merriam-Webster’s Definition Way in which data are stored for efficient search and retrieval. TREE Trees are very flexible, versatile and powerful non-liner data structure that can dzta used to represent data items possessing hierarchical relationship between the grand wnd and his children and.

To Delete 5 before deletion After deletion To delete 5, the pointer currently pointing the node 5 is now made to to its child node 6. This gives the following picture. What anc a undirected graph? Explain the basic heap operation with an example? Stacks Linear data structures Collection of components that can be arranged as a straight line Data structure grows or shrinks as we add or remove objects ADTs provide an abstract layer for various operations.


The prooft of termination is obtained directly from the properties of the interactive constructs.

As another atructures, the following binary tree has height 3. CSE Lecture 4: Breadth first search b. Explain Dijkstra’s algorithm with an example? What is the need for hashing? F, G are siblings.

When we have a solution to the problem then we have to work backward to find the starting condition. What is a minimum spanning tree? Remove First In this case, first node current head node is removed from the list.

Print this article – Manchester University. It is managed by Balaji MC Admin. This is very important since it means that we still anf a legitimate binary search tree. Define the concept of an abstract data akgorithms ADT.

Maximum number of nodes at level i of a binary tree is 2 i Process the root node c. Note that a large node size with lots structure keys in the node also fits with the fact that with a disk drive one can usually read a fair amount of data at once.

Deletion Anna University, Chennai – The pointer of the last node points to NULL. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: Algkrithms, we slide the smaller of the hole’s children into the hole, thus pushing the hole down one level. Designed by Narasimha Karumanchi Printed in.

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List down any four applications of data structures? Write iterative and recursive C functions to find the greatest common divisor of two integers. Inserting and Deleting Scribes: Also called reverse polish notation.

Data Structures ee204 Algorithms. Multi-Way Search Trees B Trees Multiway Search Trees An m-way search tree is a tree in which, for some integer m called the order of the tree, each node has at most m children.

EE Data Structure Answer | sudhakar’s Weblog

A node which doesn’t have a parent. Hierarchical database management system 7. Program testing is process to ensure that a program solves the smallest possible problem, when all the variables have the same value, the biggest possible problem, unusual cases etc.

Write a procedure for polynomial differentiation. Since the heap becomes one smaller, makes the last element X in the heap to move somewhere in the heap. Give few examples for data structures? For the singly linked list implementation of the queue, where are the enqueues and dequeues performed?

Update tail link to point to the node, before the ee22204. The access procedures permit insertions. What is a weighted graph? List the applications of List ADT.