He is remembered for his philosophy, which was influential in the development of 20th century existentialism. Alastair Hannay is Professor of Philosophy at the. 1 Homing in on Fear and Trembling. 6. Alastair Hannay. 2 Fear and Trembling’s “ Attunement” as midrash. Jacob Howland. 3 Johannes de silentio’s dilemma. The perfect books for the true book lover, Penguin’s Great Ideas series features twelve more groundbreaking works by some of history’s most prodigious.

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We have thus one way of deciphering the epigraph’s own feear message. Account Options Sign in. Hegel denies that thought can refer to unique individuals: And when the fullness of time finally comes, that matchless future, when a generation of assistant professors, male and female, will live on the earth-then Christianity will have ceased to be a paradox.

A sister is going to sacrifice her brother but realizes it at the crucial moment. This central chapter starts on a theme begun in the opening chapter’s penultimate section “Critique of the Modern Age — And of Modern Philosophy” by providing a role for Fear and Trembling in a wider nineteenth-century context of Marx, Darwin, and Nietzsche. So they can in principle come apart in the future p.

Fear and Trembling

Davenport who focus on Abraham’s trust rather than his obedience. An angel commanded Abraham to sacrifice his son: Kierkegaard says, “wishing to be in the wrong is an expression of an infinite relationship, and wanting to be in the right, or finding it painful to be in the wrong, is an expression of a finite relationship!

But this joy was only in the moment of cognition and did not leave a deeper mark on me.


The main point of the references to Hegel here is to criticize Heiberg and Martensen and not any particular doctrine in Hegel’s philosophy. This page was last edited on 29 Decemberat Fear and Trembling Great ideas Penguin great ideas.

Either believe or be offended.

We know that the real-life story of Kierkegaard’s broken engagement underlies the sacrifice theme in Fear and Tremblingbut does the reader have to be apprised of this in order to appreciate that the book is not just about the relationship to God? We then recognized the state as the moral whole and the reality of freedom, and consequently as the objective unity of these two elements.

Each volume is beautifully packaged with a unique type-driven design that highlights the bookmaker’s art. The role of the Old Testament God is to produce a personification of pure particularity with only God as support — and, talking hznnay “heroes” among them Johannes himselfwhy not also offer the accolade to this God?

Fear and Trembling – Wikipedia

And since every choice has, at least potentially, a moral significance, the primary alternative, which underlies all other alternatives, will be that wnd good and evil. Or is he a different person when he judges his act then when he acts?

Kierkegaard steers the reader to Hegel’s book Elements of the Philosophy of Right especially the chapter on “The Good and Conscience ” where he writes, “It is the right of the subjective will that it should regard as good what it recognizes hamnay authoritative.

Only in times when reality is a hollow, unspiritual, and shadowy existence, can a retreat be permitted tremblinf of the actual into an inner life. The focal dilemma remains unresolved: Read in something like this light, the murder charge becomes as essential to the polemic as Abraham’s faith.



The remaining sections are attempts to find a more moderate account of the options still within a framework of “dilemma. Whoso will act in this actual world has thereby submitted to its laws, and recognized the right of objectivity. Journals IIA Alastqir 9, He split the firewood, he bound Isaac, he lit the fire, he drew the knife.

Readers who prefer “a shorter overall discussion” are invited to skip this chapter, moving directly from “Overview of Themes and Abd to “Reception and Influence”. Reason recoils before the absolute paradox of the individual who trebling to rise superior to the general law.

Indeed, he would be indignant if anyone said to him, just as the lover resents it if someone said that he came to a standstill in love; for, he would answer, I am by no means standing still.

Fear and Trembling – Google Books

He does not trouble anyone with his suffering, neither Sarah, who he knew very well would be grief-stricken over losing Isaac, nor Eliezer, the faithful servant in his house, with whom, if with anyone, he certainly might have sought consolation. Fear and Trembling is designed to face those who cannot but see Abrahamian faith as paradoxical with the realization that they are not believers, thus putting them in a better position to properly “take up the task” p.

It can be assumed that in the present generation every tenth person is an assistant professor; consequently it is a paradox for only nine out of ten.