Fender Prosonic: Tried one today, Review. Here’s a quick review. I think they were made in the mid to late 2×10 tube combo, 2 channel. Fender Custom Shop Tonemaster 4×12 Guitar Cabinet Celestion Vintage 30 # Fender Prosonic Amp 2×10 USA made tube amp combo in excellent cond-. 5 user reviews on Fender Prosonic Combo. Fender Prosonic Combo. +. Fender Prosonic Combo. Prosonic Combo, Tube Combo Guitar Amp from Fender .

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This article’s use of external links may not follow Wikipedia’s policies or guidelines. You know you have a Custom Shop Prosonic if it has four things. This feature, originally found on Randall Smith’s Mesa Boogie amplifiers, allows the Prosonic to achieve a versatility very rarely seen from mass-market instrument manufacturers. Dender amp was given to me—myself, I would have never bought it.

Fender Prosonic, any good? | Telecaster Guitar Forum

It was initially priced to compete with buyers in the so-called boutique amplifier market who were seeking more distortion than any previous Fender had ever offered. Only CS ffnder by Feender. This is a matter of taste, but I prefer the percussiveness of the amp- the over the top gaininity yes I can make up words if I like isn’t really what I am after in an amp. The light works miracles on simple like double coils and is exploitable in any register for that added bit of quality effects.

The best being my Vibrolux, followed by a Carvin, etc. I do wish the amp was full point to point wiring.

Tom CookJun 9, The Prosonic was popular back in the mid 90’s. Its small size combines incredible power makes it the partner IDAL for guitarists who want dplacent often and the sound without buying a Van or break the back essyant back in his Marshall Fiat Uno!

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While the combo versions sharing the same cabinet and pre-amp design, the output transformer, output tubes and single 12″ speaker differed. And yes,the clean channel does give up some really sweet classic Fender clean tones,though probably closer in nature to a blackface Deluxe Reverb than a Twin or Super Reverb. This applies to the head more than the combo.

Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. Nothing after I performed the channel switching mod. The Prosonic totally respect your instrument. Our members also liked: Its most unusual feature is the switchable rectifier and power amplifier bias scheme, allowing on-the-fly changes of operating mode and output power as well as subjective tonal differences.

Most of the amp is lrosonic wired with the exception of two small circuit cards. Low end gets sucked out a bit when you kick in the dirty channel typical of amps and pedals, though. The back panel also provides for a line-level effects loop, as well as an input for the channel-switching footswitch the footswitch had a reverb button on combo models as well. This, factored with its remaining unchanged for five years as new products get the most attention at music storesled Fender to close out the Prosonic inventory and discontinue the product.

They are excellent amps that somehow got lost in the long list of great Fender amps.

Fender Prosonic – Ampwares

Log in Become a member. However, on the SS rectifier setting, both the ones with the Custom Shop indicated on the tube chart label sound ever so slight smoother than the black tolex one that does NOT have the Custom Shop indicated on the tube chart label. The precision of the Prosonic qualisation is a versatile amp trs. On this channel you get your crunch, overdrive your rock n’roll or fawn carrment large Satus full of harmonics. That is about it- I know it sounds like a lot- but I’ve used these amps since aroundgolly, that is 12 years- so I’m pretty used to them.


However, overproduction of the amplifiers led to overstock. P x Defying conventional logic, the Prosonic offers independent master volumes for each channel, or rather, on the clean channel, simply one volume control. Both models came with green jewel lamps.

All user reviews for the Fender Prosonic Combo

Yes, my password is: It is very picky about cabinets. You must log in or sign up to reply here. Can be obtained by the first gain knob a distortion trs powerful, rich in harmonics.

Just found that interesting that none of the three of them matched with respect to those parameters. This is obvisouly one of the earlier custom shop models Scotsdale, AZ with the “lizard skin” and has the commemorative plate on the cab and 50th anniversary sticker on the head. Available in head and combo versions, the Prosonic featured several departures in design from traditional Fender amplifiers such as the BassmanTwin Reverband Deluxe Reverb.

The Prosonic includes a switch for changing the operation prosonlc of the amplifier.

Fender Prosonic, any good?

We are not in the first clashes with the bte December Learn how and when to remove this template message. Output for an external HP. Understandably, buyers were attracted to the amp’s flexibility and, when used on-stage, these studio-friendly features were perceived as design flaws. The Prosonic introduced several features that had previously been seldom, or never before, seen in Fender amplifiers. Some say that the traditional blackface styling betrayed the fire breathing nature of it’s over the top high gain channel,so it never really caught on with the hard rock and metal crowd.

Btw,I had a late ’90s Prosonic that I still miss.