From Manassas To Appomattox has ratings and 35 reviews. General James Longstreet is one of the most controversial figures of the American Civil War. This on-line edition of Lieutenant-General James Longstreet’s memoirs is based directly on the second edition published by Lippincott, Philadelphia. User Review – Flag as inappropriate. Google mistakenly placed a picture of JEB Stuart instead of James Longstreet at the front of the scanned file. User Review.

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Want to understand our nation today, and the struggle that continues to put the shame of slavery behind us?

His tactics today, are still looked at during planning for Operations. One hundred and twenty years later, I know the results of the argument, and know some of the accusations levelled; but he was in the thick of it, and many sections of the book are written specifically to counter what people were saying of him then.

However, it does provide insight into the General’s thinking and conduct of the war. Longstreet goes to great lengths to provide letters and documentation, many from Lee himself, to prove that his actions were in strict accordance with orders and with the military protocols of the day.

From Manassas to Appomattox

Lee, Longstreet, and some others were reconnoitering from the crest of a hillside on foot while D. Hill to meet his orders for the afternoon of the 28th. How do we jamfs the picture corrected? Open Preview See a Problem? While From Manassas to Appomattox has it’s strengths and useful points, it also has some glaring weaknesses.

He has been called stubborn and vain; and he has been lauded as one of the greatest tacticians of th General James Longstreet is one of the most controversial figures of the American Civil War. Lincoln told the general that neither Jefferson Davis, General Lee, or himself would ever get amnesty. Page – In one word, I would not take any risk of being entangled upon the river, like an ox jumped half over fron fence and liable to be torn by dogs front and rear, without a fair chance to gore one way or kick the other.


A definite must read for anyone interested in the Civil War. Page – We had, I was satisfied, sacred principles to maintain and rights to defend, for which we were in duty bound to do our best, even if we perished in the endeavour.

From Manassas To Appomattox

There are no discussion topics on this book yet. In this case, the Confederate infantry were under the command of a cavalry general near Hagerstown, MD. He recounts his participation in some of its most important battles—Manassas, Antietam, Chickamauga, and, most significantly from the standpoint of his reputation, Gettysburg.

Jul 01, Aaron Crofut rated it liked it Shelves: Hence, if you are inte Decent insight into General Longstreet’s thinking The book does not qualify drom a comprehensive review of the war, as many important events, such as Chancellosrville, the fall of Richmond, Lincoln’s assassination, etc, are not covered or manaasas given light treatment. Without the Civil War, the history of this continent would hames been vastly different.

Lee’s orders at Gettysburg, historians have concluded that the primary responsibility for the Confederate defeat on the Pennsylvania battlefield lies with Lee. Considering how long and bloody the American Civil War was, a grand battle that completely ended it seems like a flight of fancy.

He was ruined after this, both in reputation and in opportunity and I do feel sorry for him. For that, he was de While dry in spots, this was a very informative memoir, told from a viewpoint seldom heard.

He resigned from the U. Lists with This Book.

His memoirs begin with his service in the Mexican War and subsequently in the west as a fairly junior officer. From Manassas to Appomattox Memoirs of The Civil War in America From Manassas To Appomattox The war of northern aggression…the War between the States…the Civil War…call it what you will, the conflict that took more American lives than any other war and more than almost all of our other wars combined, changed the United States from a collection of, mostly independent, states into a nation.


I had forgotten that General Braxton Bragg, after ignoring the advice of his subordinates and failing to follow through on his orders was relieved of command at Dalton, GA, President Davis called him to Richmond as commander-in-chief p.

May 05, Michael J. Revered by his men and respected by his fellow officers during the American Civil War, Longstreet became one of the Confederacy’s most visible scapegoats shortly after the war’s end. A few times in his book he claimed that if the South had done this or taken that action the war would have ended. Grant’s memoir was far, far better. I do recommend this book to the reader of Civil War books, and also to those that enjoy reading 19th century prose – this is a great example.

From Manassas to Appomattox

This book is very detailed and gave me such a greater grasp on the thought process of one of the greatest minds of the Civil Frkm. In the end, the discussion of responsibility for the loss of the war is moot.

I do think that Longstreet has gotten kongstreet bad wrap over the past century but his constant shedding of blame or responsibility – be it true or not – seems excessive. For the record, I am a southerner, born in Georgia. It’s a great read but you’d better have your Civil War Battle maps with you because Longstreet goes into great detail about the deployment, maneuver and disposition of every brigade in every battle for both sides which sometimes bogs down the narrative.

I think General Longstreet understood how good men could be logstreet both well and poorly.

Thinking of Bragg, I was very amused at the unidentified newspaper which printed upon learning that General Bragg was ordered to Wilmington: