The international macrobiotic movement was started by a remarkable and widely traveled Japanese, George Ohsawa, who was joined in this work in the late. The George Ohsawa Macrobiotic Foundation is a non-profit, public service organization chartered in to educate the general public about macrobiotics, . Macrobiotics receives its inspiration from George Ohsawa—a Japanese man born in Ohsawa had a difficult childhood; he witnessed his mother and.

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Disease, crime, pollution, and divorce were all rapidly increasing. Our key source of information on the origins of macrobiotics and the life and work of Ohsawa is Georges Ohsawa and the Japanese Religious Tradition by Ronald E. Life and Death May 01, Erewhon opened goerges a small food store in April and a small macrobiotic restaurant was opened in February Ishizuka saw Westerners as sodium-dominant people animal products are high in sodium characterized by materialism, selfishness, individualism, and a drive for sensory gratification.

It is presumed that he got the Western name for his movement from a book written by Christoph Wilhelm Hufelanda Prussian physician. Much of our information for the rest of the chapter has come from extensive interviews with leaders of the macrobiotic movement in the U. Recipes focused on stretching and georgess basic ingredients.


On 6 March the group founded a new food company named Chico-San as a retail store plus an import, wholesale, and distribution company. Ishizuka’s research led him to conclude that the balance of potassium K and sodium Na salts in the body was the prime determinant of health, that food is the main factor in maintaining this balance, and that food must therefore be the basis for curing disease and maintaining health.


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He located Koda Brothers’ brown rice in California, stayed there a week, then returned to the Aihara’s apartment. Thousands of patients had been cured by Ishizuka through traditional use of food after they had been abandoned as incurable by the new medicine of the West.

Ohzawa food culture began to divide along new lines. Upon his retirement Ishizuka devoted himself to teaching and private practice. This expanded into a lifelong interest in food and health, while he served as a physician in the military. Later he traveled in Europe and began to spread his philosophy in Paris. In this publication he introduced miso and natural shoyu which he called “tamari” ; he did not emphasize the use of tofu as a regular food, just as an occasional pleasure item.

The macrobiotic philosophy divides food into yin and yang categories, and seeks a balance between them. Many students of macrobiotics and some teachers stayed in New York to keep up the Ohsawa Foundation, the restaurants, and the food store. Amazon Rapids Fun stories for kids on the go.

George Ohsawa – Wikipedia

The keys to Ohsawa’s philosophy of diet and medicine ohsaawa the concepts of balance and the practice of a traditional grain centered diet. Ohsawa handed George a package, and said, “Here is a lifetime of writing. Only 3 left in stock – order soon. Simon’s father, an influential lawyer, tried to cover up his daughter’s use of heroin and blame the “alien influence” of macrobiotics instead. In his highly influential book Yojokun Treatise on the Nourishment of Lifehe described a regimen for maintaining good health by avoiding all types of self-indulgence.

George Ohsawa

More specifically, it emphasized the application of yin-yang to food, health, and medicine, Ohsawa’s three main areas of interest.

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Herman Aihara went to New York in Both contained many recipes for miso and natural shoyu “tamari”but made no mention of tofu, soybeans, or other soyfoods.

They arrived on 1 October This article caught the attention of William Duftywho, finding relief in the brown rice diet recommended by Ohsawa, became an advocate of macrobiotics, and traveled to Paris to meet with Ohsawa and publisher Felix Morrow.

Irma Paule kept things alive in New York, her “territory. Many factors determined a food’s position on the scale, but a key one was the ratio ohsasa potassium to sodium.

Miso and natural shoyu quickly became essential ingredients in the diet of most students of macrobiotics in the U. Although Ohsawa was not involved in founding the company, he was an active supporter and associate.

In Octobera ohsaw days before his 60th birthday, George and Lima embarked on a new phase of their lives.

George Ohsawa – Wikiquote

Sakurazawa was attracted to the unorthodox career of a famous Japanese practitioner, Dr. Sakurazawa Nyoichi used this diagnosis in his teachings and Ohsawa adapted it as a more general diagnostic indication of one’s general state of health.

Thus Ohsawa was one of the first health teachers in America to argue convincingly that white sugar was bad for body and mind.

By good fortune he happened to find one of Ishizuka’s books in a library. It contained many recipes, both medicinal and culinary, using miso and shoyu, and it also discussed tofu. Amazon Restaurants Food delivery from local restaurants.