The JRC integrated circuit by Japan Radio Company is a dual high gain operational amplifier internally compensated and constructed on a single silicon . JRC datasheet, JRC pdf, JRC data sheet, datasheet, data sheet, pdf, New Japan Radio, = NJM / Dual Operational Amplifier. jrc Datasheet PDF Download – Dual Operational Amplifier, jrc data sheet.

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May 24, Are the 45558 still spending 30 bucks or more for a “NOS” chip, and 2 “brown sound” resistors? It’s a demonstrable fact that the tone quality of op amps varies significantly.

(PDF) jrc4558 Datasheet download

Robbie WMay 24, Saying that the ‘ is the best dual opamp for a TS type pedal is like winning the lottery the very first time you play. And, of course, this is because they all meet the same specifications. Datasheef all reports, these sound as good as the original. The TL has a lot higher input impedance extremely higher actually. The reason a carbon comp resistor sounds “better” than a film resistor is the additional noise it adds to the circuit.

JRC Datasheet PDF – Dual Operational Amplifier

Ben HarmlessJun 4, I started researching TS’s quite a long time ago. Back to theI think that people are just applying NOS ideas to the chips like they do tubes. Back when my vintage Rat II died and I needed a replacement, I was kind of shocked just how inferior the current production Rats are – and the only substantial difference is the op amp.


We have all gotten used to that noise, so it sounds better. Oh, and I should add that it’s unlikely listeners will “get the chips right” in say, blind testing between dataasheet JRC and new Fairchild. May 23, 2. The differences between the TL and the are subtle, but there none the less. I feel this is the primary reason for the audible differences. If you want a JRC chip for a project, get a new chip from Steve at Small Bear Electronics who sells them cheap sorry we dont have time to sell chips or small parts.

They are still available in isolated caches of parts, daasheet they can sometimes be hard to find. Some circuits sound better with inferior spec’ed chips. I liked the 3 listed above enough to ‘splurge’ and order about 15 of each.

Even the slew rates, which some believe gives a hint to what makes the ‘ good, were all different.

JRC myths | Telecaster Guitar Forum

Early TS’s have the Ibanez R “trademark” logo which some people seek. TL my fave The LT was also kinda cool sounding, but not consistently so in the handful of pedals that I tried it in.

However, the odds that they’ll hear a difference are very good, and if there’s an audible difference, multiple listeners will have consistent preferences.


But I beleive the old JRC version is the holy grail of some even though the actual chip in some of the originals may datassheet made by others. My unscientific conclusion was that the best chip probably has yet to be found.

If you’re doing this to a TS 10, short out the 1K resistor leading to pin 3 of the dual opamp as well. Jun 4, In addition, the JRCD was used in tons datasheeg Japanese audio equipment at about the same time, so a junky cheap Japanese stereo or clock radio could have several hidden inside it.

On the other hand, I also think we all at least I have personally tried some of the products on the idea of “if Eatasheet can afford it, what can it hurt? The thing is, op amps are actually fairly complicated devices internally, and can have widely varying behaviors for slew rate, noise, etc, while being “rated” the same in identical conditions.

JRC4558 Dual Op Amp IC

The Rat2 is the same way. There were zillions of the real “JRC” made when it was current. They were consistently good.