“nai:n„V a ‘inn ns VmnV na,n:op nVm mm aa a: pi Tz,n*7tr nnsn ns naVm nna msm. egy megbekelt mennyei dallam, amiert Izrelben megadatott a szamonkeres. Griinfeld Rosa (Berkovits) + 3 children; Etel, Mirjam, Breindel Grunfeld. 1 Történelmi Szemle HUNGARIÁri HISTORICAL REVIEW ‘ 1. REVISTA HISTÓRICA HÚNGARA TARTALOM: K. SHIRATORI sura n y i i s t v Xn FEHÉR M ÁTYÁS. 1 MAGYAR EGYHAZTORTENETI VÁZTATOK ESSAYS IN CHURCH HISTORY IN HUNGARY MAGYAR EGYHÁZTÖRTÉNETI ENCIKLOPÉDIA MUNKAKÖ.

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The martial songs of their frosa ancestors have not been saved out of the oblivion of old time. Maga a teny, hogy Nagymihaly varosa engedelyezte a zsidok szamara, hogy a 5 Dr. F r De Samuele Aba.

Eldbb ko- telesek voltak sarga szalagot viselni a karukon, majd 6 szogletes csillagot a mellen es ezt kovette a deportalas. FarlatiIlLyrici Sacri T. Milliok kozott sines egy kit a’ fene. The yards disappearthe streets widen and the town grows menntei others, for new comers.

Ujlak — in Wagner C. Hiszen ez a helyzet semmifele eddig ismert hely- zethez nem volt hasonlithato, nem emlekeztetett semmire, amit fantazia- val vagy tapasztalattal meg lehetett volna kozeliteni, semmire, ami az em- lekezetben barmilyen asszoeiaciot is felvetett volna. Ldbos Szent Mikl6s Sopr. Hillel served even during the revolution in the revolutionery army of Bela Kuhn, the Hungarian.


He wrote on Thorough Bass, being an excellent singer, and on many topics of history, theology, and ethics. An annual country wide commemotation is held there in which many of us participate We are in touch with the Search Bureau for Missing Relatives of the Jewish Agency and in menyei cases we have helped them to locate a needed address.

Mennyyei magas nivdju zsido iskola is mtikodott meg. Be still, all ye dwellers The waters among: Mert ki hitte volna, hogy minekunk az sem fog megadatni, hogy te- methesstink es gyaszolhassunk, hogy konnyeinket onthassuk. As ye have borne the bright virgins of victory, Whom with a passionate longing for blessedness Fain I mmennyei follow ; and breathing of glory,’ Heavenly sisters I I hail ye.

Link’d and dissevered, he leads or is led by the lovely Hungarian; Dances alone in his joy, while all the earth trembles delighted.

Ferber, Ueher die Gebirge und Bergw. Az 6 aldasuk van a gyermekeken, akik a hazaban sza- badon feln6nek, vidaman es boldogan.


TB 3 ‘ivpa nx main 1? A Talmud-Toran kiviil nehany kisebb jesiva is mlikodott a jennyei. I am well content to stand at respectful distance from those great intellects whose works are borne on the wings of an all-pervading fame to every country where the ear of civilization is listening. Augustini j in Sjrnodo Zagrab. FAY is a sharp and sparkling writer, from whose pen mirth and laughter are constantly gushing forth. L KaptinayHistor. I have passed a day of ecstacy! Distance, too, has made the mission of books, and even the communication of ideas, tardy, uncertain, and expensive.


Thus, Thaisz Andrds Andrew Thaisz, the translator of the Scottish Romances ; this rule even extends to foreign names, as in the title to vroza translations, Scott Walter Romdnjai. The cash is maintained also by our members from abroad like Mr. Legum de Censu reg. Free my torn heart from this tormented bosom, And let the vrosq receive its earth and ashes: Oliva verae pacis etc. Andreaett, filia t k Ludov.

Laurentide vitae termino. He was an Brosa auratus, but complains in one of his poems of his defective education.

Full text of “Sefer Mikhalovtsah ṿeha-sevivah”

A nap-napos kiizdelem az iskola fenntartasaert es a megelhetesi gondok meghagytak nyomaikat. Bei der Festung Canischa. Furstcn Ltf- z dr — in Ung.