ABNT NBR (). Descrição: norma ABNT NBR pdf ABNT NBR IEC pdf ABNT NBR ISO pdf. Designed for class works in compliance with ABNT NBR 13, and CLASS A3 Class HEPA filter, NBR, EU Eurovent 4/4, with efficiency of 14 jun. the technical standards D (), NBR () and ISO (). a chrome plating process, as required by the standard D ().

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Leather — Chemical tests — Quantitative analysis of tanning agents by filter method. For the average blank test, the mass of the residue of 0.

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The highest value for nbbr soluble solids was observed in angico bark This bark came from five individual trees of a forest stand, located in the city of Pelotas, Rio Grande do Sul, having been obtained a year prior to the collection of the other materials. Using scissors, the leather was cut into smaller fragments, which were subjected to initial fragmentation in a forage machine, and subsequently in a Wiley Mill in order to reduce its particle size and thereby increase its surface area for absorption.

A third rate of ml was pipetted into the analytical solution, filtered and subsequently deposited into a container containing 10 g of chrome skin powder. Given that this value refers to the mass of material in the leaching process, this value was subtracted from the residue in the treatments. Journal of Cultural Heritage ; 6 The lowest non-tannic value was observed in jurema, with A lack of proper management, coupled with uncontrolled exploitation of angico vermelho and jurema preta, especially due to the lack of options in terms of species for tannin production, which would make it possible to constitute mixtures for skin tanning over the short term, has led to a depletion of these forest species, as well as affecting the production chain and the livelihood of families that depend on them Diniz et al.

Materials from these species were ground and classified, with With regard to jurema, in a study by Paes et al. Finally, the skin powder was stored in identified and tightly sealed containers, protected from light and humidity. ABSTRACT This study aimed to quantify the tannic content of the barks and fruit of angico-vermelho, jurema-preta and acacia-negra using skin powder as detanizador agent.


Knowing the moisture content secondary sample and air dried mass of the portion transferred to the extraction chamber primary samplethe anhydrous hbr of the sample that was submitted to extraction was calculated Equation 2.

July 03, ; Accepted: The following morning, the mixture was poured into flannel, allowing the liquid to drain, squeezing out the excess water and breaking apart the agglomerated powder after each washing.

NBR 16401-3 2008

This study aimed to quantify the tannic content of the barks and fruit of angico-vermelho, jurema-preta and acacia-negra using skin powder as detanizador agent. Standard test method for determining moisture in raw and spent materials. The bnr study aimed to quantify the tannic substances in the bark and fruits of angico vermelho, jurema preta, and acacia negra, using skin powder as abjt agent.

Analysis of commercial vegetable tannin materials and related polyphenols of selected Acacia species in Sudan. Journal of Forest Products e Industries ; 2 1: Due to the complexity of tannins, which are substances formed by different chemical structures, there is no single methodology for their quantification. The removal of the bark and fruit was performed in situ without killing the tree, using hand tools including knives and a wooden mallet.

Determination ahnt the anhydrous mass of the particles submmited to extraction. Your consent to our cookies if you continue to use this website.

NBR Corrigida Analyses of black wattle Acacia mearnsii tannins — relationships among the hide-powder, the Stiasny and the ultra-violet UV methods. Food Chemistry ; In press. Subsequently, the sample was left to settle overnight. Lis ventilacao muit Co freqClentement menor 0, verificada no ar exterior pela respiracao pela pessoas. The hydrolysable tannins are composed by glucose polyesters and the acid formed; their hydrolysis is classified into gallic tannins or ellagi tannins Pizzi, ; Ricci et al.

The chemical technology of wood. How to cite this article. Cerne a; 12 3: Botanical origin characterisation of tannins using infrared spectroscopy. The soluble solids content, in turn, was superior to angico bark anbt Neither author, however, described the method used to obtain their results.


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Standard test method for determining non-tannins and tannin in extracts of vegetable tanning materials. Angico vermelho presented potential similar to acacia negra, a global standard in the leather tanning industry.

We share information about your activities on the site with our partners and Google partners: Boletim de Pesquisa Florestal ; The Academic Press; However, commercial skin powder was not used due to the difficulty of obtaining it and its high cost. The amount of distilled water used in the washing corresponded to 15 times the weight of the skin powder sbnt.

Considering that the tannic portion of the analytical solution was retained nhr the skin powder, it was calculated using the same Equation 6.

This is an Open Access article distributed under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution License, which permits 66401 use, distribution, and reproduction in any medium, provided the original work is properly cited.