(including Telugu letters – Short e, Short o) – In the kRti ‘vara lIla gAna’ – rAga SankarAbharaNaM, SrI tyAgarAja . Sinless One (anagha) (tOshitAnagha)!. vara nArada nArAyaNa smaraNA-nandAnubhavamu gala. Anupallavi: A: O Sinless One (anagha) whose body (apaghana) (literally limbs) resembles (nibha) . Telugu Girl Names» Means» Parvati. Currently we have Girl Vara: Blessing; Goddess Parvati. Anagha: Sinless; Soft; Goddess Parvati /

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Saveri With Saffron; A Ragini. I’d like to receive news and commercial info from Schneider Electric and its affiliates via electronic communication means such as The RCCBID SiE types are particularly suitable for use in humid environments andor environments polluted by aggressive agents, for example swimming pools, marinas, the foodprocessing industry, water treatment plants, industrial sites.


Telugu Girl Names With Their Meanings –

Linda Pretty One; Soft. Chaithanya Active; Divine Radiance; Energetic. Chitramala Series of Pictures. Chandraprabha Star; Moon Light. Chandratara The Moon and the Stars Conjoined. Patralekha A Name from Ancient Epics.

Chimayi Beautiful; Happy; Blissful. Disha Direction; Princess of the Family. Jayasudha Nectar of Victory. Manohari Steals the Heart of Others.

Tilaka A Kind of Necklace. Rashmika Ray of Light. Jahanara Queen of the World. Pranathi Strength of Mind; Prayer; Love. Mrudani Another Name for Parvathi.

Tishona Brave and Beautiful. Udaya Create a Lord; Dawn. Sadhya Good Habits; Queen; Perfection. Chinmayee Blissful; Live Long Life.

Anagha vara telugu pdf

Go to our Download Center. Parinitha Maturity; Expert; Married Woman. Darpanika A Small Mirror. Rajyalakshmi Wealth of a Anagna Royal Lakshmi. Latangi Slim Girl; A Creeper. Tithi Date; Time; Auspicious Date. Aadrika Goddess Lakshmi; Mountain; Celestial.

Janki Another Name of Goddess Sita. Mruda Goddess Parvati; Affectionate. Madirakshi Woman with Intoxicating Eyes.

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Chandraleksha A Ray of the Moon. Saroja Lotus; Born in a Lake. Ruchira Beautiful; Like to All; Tasty. Jalahasini Smile of Water. Anchal The Decorative End of a Sari. Malavika Princess of Malawa; Most Beautiful. Kshema Durga; Peaceful; Tranquil. Ajanta A Famous Buddist Cave. Daevasree Indian Saint Name. Bhupali A Raagini in Indian Music. Chandi Goddess Chamundeshvari Devi. vwra


Kaksha White Flower; White Rose. Raaya Great Behaviour; Never Lies. You are seated at the center of the eight petalled lotus with your eight sons at each tslugu.

Janhitha One who Thinks of the Welfare of Men. Kirati Goddess Durga the Heavenly. Hariprima Lover of Hari Lord Vishnu. Lepakshi With Painted Eyes. Padmanjali An Offering of Lotuses.