La Batalla De Dien Bien Phu [Erwan Bergot] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Sant Andreu de Llavaneres (Barcelona. 23 cm. p., [16]. Get Instant Access to Guerra En Indochina: La Batalla De Dien Bien Phu By Josæ© Alberto. Rodrigo Fernæ¡ndez #ffbe EBOOK EPUB. The Last Battle of the “French “ war was fought at Dien Bien Phu (DBP) .. de Castries as the on-scene commander at Dien Bien Phu was.

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The Viet Dein briefly captured “Huguette 7”, only to be pushed back by a French counterattack at dawn on 1 April. This way of using artillery and AA guns was possible only with the expansive ant holes at the disposal of the Vietminh and was to make shambles of all the estimates of our own artillerymen.

Finally, Navarre, the intellectual, the cold and professional soldier, was shocked by the “school’s out” attitude of Salan and his senior commanders and staff officers. A few of them escaped to Laos. Eisenhower also stated, “Nobody is more opposed to intervention than I am”.

In comparison, all together, the Viet Minh had moved up to 50, regular troops into the hills surrounding the French-held valley, totalling five divisions, including the st Heavy Division, which was an artillery formation and was entirely equipped with medium artillery, such as the US M mm howitzer, supplied by the neighbouring People’s Republic of China PRCtogether with some heavier field-guns as well as anti-aircraft artillery.

Retrieved 20 July The French estimated that Viet Minh losses totalled dead and 1, wounded.

Battle of Dien Bien Phu – Wikipedia

This was very effective and stunned the defenders. While some of the main body managed to break out, none succeeded in escaping from the valley. The resulting agreement partitioned Vietnam into two zones: Roughly French legionnaires were killed, wounded or captured. The Viet Minh’s simultaneous attacks elsewhere were more successful. In other projects Wikimedia Commons.

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Both historians record that Langlais and Marcel Bigeard were known to be on good terms with their commanding officer. Combat operations were undertaken only in response to enemy moves or threats. Radford concluded it was too late for the U.

The Geneva Conference opened on 8 May[91] the day after the surrender of the garrison. A proposal for bstalla intervention was unanimously voted down by the committee, which “concluded that intervention was a positive act of war “. The attack included, for the first time, Katyusha rockets.

The fall of “Beatrice” and “Gabrielle” had severely demoralized them. Just as it appeared the French were about to be overrun, a few French tanks arrived, and helped push the Viet Minh back. In Operation Castorthe French dropped or flew 9, troops into the area over three days, including a bulldozer to prepare the airstrip. Much to French disbelief, the Viet Minh had employed direct artillery fire, in which each gun crew does its own artillery spotting as opposed to indirect fire, in which guns are massed further away from the target, out of direct line of sight, and rely on a forward artillery spotter.

If, therefore, one wishes to establish objectively the responsibilities incurred in the final phase of the Indochina war one would have to examine its origins and evoke the acts and decisions of the various governments in power, that is to say their war policies, as well as the ways in which these policies were translated by the military commanders into operations.

Battle of Dien Bien Phu – HISTORY

Some reinforcements did arrive, but not enough to replace French casualties. The situation is very grave.

On 10 April, the French attempted to retake “Eliane 1”, which had been lost eleven days earlier. Retrieved 24 August The fortified headquarters was centrally located, with positions “Huguette” to the west, “Claudine” to the south, and “Dominique” to the northeast. The Vietnamese Government has stated its casualties in the battle as 4, dead, 9, wounded and missing. The French army would establish a fortified airhead by airlifting soldiers adjacent to a key Viet Minh supply line to Laos.


The rest had been killed, captured, or dw. They moved these weapons through difficult terrain up the rear slopes of the mountains surrounding the French positions, dug tunnels through the mountain, and placed the artillery pieces overlooking the French encampment.

Battle of Dien Bien Phu

On April 6, horrific losses and low morale among the attackers caused Dine to suspend his offensives. Shortly after dark on 31 March, Langlais told Major Marcel Bigeardwho was leading the defense at “Eliane”, to fall back across the river. De Castries’ seclusion in his bunker, combined with his superiors’ inability to replace him, created a leadership vacuum within the French command.

This included France’s regular troops notably elite paratrooper units, plus those of the artilleryFrench Foreign LegionnairesAlgerian and Moroccan tirailleurs colonial troops from North Bie and locally-recruited Indochinese Laotian, Vietnamese and Cambodian infantry.

Worse still, the Viet Minh lacked advanced medical treatment and care, with one stating that, “Nothing strikes at combat-morale like the knowledge that if wounded, the soldier will go uncared for,”.

By the end of April, “Isabelle” had exhausted its water supply and was nearly duen of ammunition. On 6 May, the Viet Minh launched another massed attack against “Eliane 2”.

This would enable superior French artillery, armor, and air support to decimate the exposed Viet Minh forces.