Editorial Reviews. From Library Journal. Innovations, whether in farming, composite science, Biomimicry: Innovation Inspired by Nature – Kindle edition by Janine M. Benyus. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or. Janine Benyus is the Co-founder of Biomimicry She is a biologist, innovation consultant, and author of six books, including Biomimicry: Innovation Inspired. Benyus has authored six books on biomimicry, including Biomimicry: Innovation Inspired by Nature. In this book she.

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However, I tire fairly easily of the patronizing tone of the “environmentally enlightened” and do not enjoy when authors shrug off religious ideas jxnine if they were relics. Businesses also use biomimicry to re-imagine their whole company. That wording is bipmimicry sort of institutional bias that runs rampant in this book, and in many other books and magazines in the future-utopia genre, and it never fails to irritate me, in exactly the same way that the phrase “unborn people” irritates me.

Sep 06, Janinr Ghhe rated it really liked it. There have not been enough psychological studies on ownership to assume that everyone will function successfully in such a world without creating even more waste.

Janine Benyus

Benyus could have done a better job benyys bridging the gap between nature and technology. Her premise isn’t the standard concept of “biomimicry”: From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This page was last edited on 16 Novemberat Nov 21, Peter Mcloughlin rated it really liked it Shelves: Apr 10, Taryn rated it really liked it. The section on storing our ideas basically focused on using a carbon based system instead of a silicon based system to “compute” ideas Dayna Baumeister, the Innovation Consultancywhich helps innovators learn from and emulate natural models in order to design sustainable products, processes, and policies that create conditions conducive to life.


Biomimicry: Innovation Inspired by Nature

It is a duty upon us to dial back our transgressions we have enacted since the dawn of the Industrial Revolution in order to make this planet a safe, healthy and habitable place to live for our descendents to come. In this book she develops the basic thesis that human beings should consciously emulate nature’s genius in their designs.

How will we feed ourselves? And the companies that are truly learning companies, truly adaptive, biomomicry resilient, truly diverse, and decentralized and network-based—like ecosystems—are the ones that are going to survive and thrive. Yet Benyus occasionally loses sight of the fact that the nature we see today is the result of 3. NC by Janine M. Benyus lives in Stevensville, Biomimicgy.

There is even a section on a certain type of monkey that seems to be able to choose the gender of their offspring by eating alkaline or acidic food during mating season. Quite ofte Before I read this book, the only thing I knew of Biomimicry was from a short film on YouTube that piqued my interest.

Everyone should read this, its a great general study on the field. Reading this book was a frustrating experience for many reasons. That said, I was dying for an update; most of this stuff is 20 years out of date. I am trying to finish this book. Great concepts, but much of what she preaches feels like old news by now. Really fascinating thinking and exciting to realize that there are more and more scientists who are starting to use this sort of technique.

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Janine Benyus – Wikipedia

I loved the author’s writing style full of imagery, interesting phrasing, and story-like progressionbut a good portion of the book was over my head.

I am excited to look for updated material to see what pr Written in the 90’s, it is still exciting to read her account of the energy dynamics of nature’s building method’s and sustainability strategies. So Benyus’s chapter on bio-medical research hunting for drugs in the rainforest – and even investing resources into preserving indigenous knowledge of which plants heal, etc.

The last part of the book is pretty dry philosophizing except for a few ideas such as companies that are taking back their products for recycling and laws requiring them to do so.

We look through the biological literature.

Instead of going to depth of the bioimmicry, analysing it, the author proposes a journey through a possible utopia which janinr offered by biomimicry. The part of the book on energy was over my head because I am less interested in the inner working than in the concepts.

Biomimicry is largely happening in the subtleties of biology, so be prepared for a heavy dose of biochemistry. They do their chemistry in water. Retrieved August 26,