From #1 New York Times bestselling author Brandon Sanderson, Warbreaker is the story of two sisters, who happen to be princesses, the God King one of them. Warbreaker is a fantasy novel written by American author Brandon Sanderson. It was published on June 9, by Tor Books. Sanderson released several. Warbreaker is a Cosmere novel by Brandon Sanderson, which is available for purchase in bookstores or for free download from his website.

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Without it we can still live normal lives, only duller, less colorful, less joyful, less “alive” Whenever I pick up something from his Cosmere works I find myself trying to sanderskn everything out from the beginning, I feel like a detective, I’m always on the lookout brabdon his world hoppers especially Hoid.

After Sanderso In Warbreaker, Brandon Sanderson gives readers imaginative epic fantasy world-building along with a good story what one generally comes to expect from Sanderson and which he consistently delivers on.

And we can all agree that Brandon usually really excels in these things.

The only author to make the short list for the David Gemmell Legend Award six times in four years, Brandon won that award in for The Way of Kings. If you have any imagination you will agree. What makes this book so good though is that Sanderson condenses his signature worldbuilding and sandwrson driven storytelling into one novel. Get ready to marry their God King. It had mystery, romance, surprises, intrigue, action, and great characters. Gods who do nothing but play sinister games.

The almost sex scenes in this book shocked and surprised me, I loved it.


The biggest was when Denth who I liked! Siri and Vivenna are mostly boring, and the latter is also quite frustrating from time to time. Warbreaker tells the story of two Idrian princesses, Vivenna and Siri. Actions make you tired. Read a book by Brandon Sanderson, and certain things are guaranteed to appear. In honor of WeRateDogs one year anniversary: Yes, this definitely reads as one of Brandon’s early efforts as the writing is not as polished as brandpn later efforts.

Awesome, terrible, holy, majestic. The other Gods are all playing at politic around him but his only ambition in life currently is to be as useless as wabreaker.

What do I really believe? And so I say again: Young Corban watches enviously as boys become warriors, learning the art of war. Yes, that’s how amazing it is. Warbreaker might even take your breath away. I’ve been locked away for too long.

I really liked the story and the brxndon I didn’t see coming. His “heroines and heroes are outstanding — especially Vasher, the Warbreaker, whose special relationship with his sentient sword is both sardonic and sinister. I have gotten so used to his brilliance already that it doesn’t surprise me anymore – I have come to expect it from him and wonder if he will ever write something that lets my high expectations down The more Breaths a person obtains, the more dramatic their abilities become.

Warbreaker Introduction | Brandon Sanderson

Fantasy is my favorite genre. Come to think of it Drabs find it difficult to perceive color and do not experience the ‘sixth sense’ or the odd sensation resulting from someone watching one unobserved.

Warbreaker is a superb book and Warbreaker is another great Brandon Sanderson epic fantasy novel. If you like Warbreaker, consider buying those! GraphicAudio has released Warbreaker as a dramatized audio production.

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Warbreaker – The Coppermind – 17th Shard

I was really worried for a while. That is where the original royal family retreated to. I know they warned her what they were like, but like her I never really believed it!. They build slowly, giving the reader time to become invested in the lives of the characters, but the last hundred or so pages progress at breakneck speed, with plot twists on almost every page.

The characters… what to say about those? Just when you think you know how it all fits together, your world gets turned upside down once again! He did not mind it as much when it turned out that the draining of color was a symptom of magic use rather than brandn source of the power. How in gods earth do I form coherent sentences when my mind has been obliterated into pieces?!

You should attack, Nightblood said. Sandersson Sanderson was born in in Lincoln, Nebraska. And I love fantasy settings. The common people actually get to interact with their gods. Sanderson does this thing. Seriously how does he “My life to yours.

Warbreaker by Brandon Sanderson

Don’t let the slow start fool you. After Sanderson established the premise and plotlines, there seemed to be some fairly long sections which didn’t really add much.

They can always get books for free via the library anyway. Vivienne goes on a rescue mission to save her sister because a warbrealer is brewing between the two countries. View all 7 comments.