Trait data. population trend, Stable. habitat, protected area terrestrial biome terrestrial habitat. conservation status, least concern. primary diet, fruit fruit plants. Chiroptera · Phyllostomidae · Carollia sowelli Carollia sowelli. Sowell’s Short- tailed Bat. Order: Chiroptera Family: Phyllostomidae. SpeciesCarollia sowelliSowell’s short-tailed bat. ADW Pocket Guides on the iOS App Store! The Animal Diversity Web team is excited to announce ADW Pocket.

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Honduran white bat E. Accordingly, specimens from north and west of the Amazon Basin were assigned to C.

In general, this work revealed very low or none levels of phylogeographic structure in some species of bats. Although there are many phylogeographic studies on Neotropical mammals, only recently have bats become more represented in this literature. Coalescent analysis points to a simultaneous origin for C.

Sowell’s short-tailed bat (Carollia sowelli)

Dry and cold climatic conditions in the formation of the present landscape in Southeastern Brazil: Isolated teeth and 2 dentary fragments of Carollia either C. Molecular phylogenetics of the phyllostomid bat genus Micronycteris with descriptions of two new subgenera. Phyllostomidae in French guiana. Sample sizes Nhaplotype numbers hTajima’s D neutrality test with their respective P -values, and time to the most recent common ancestor T MRCA for both lineages of Carollia perspicillata and Carollia brevicauda.


Unfortunately, the remains are too incomplete for specific identification. Carollia subrufa roosts in caves, empty wells, culverts, hollow trees, and buildings Reid In other projects Wikispecies. Carollia Short-tailed leaf-nosed bats Benkeith’s short-tailed bat C. Carollia subrufa has a short brain case and smooth hemispheres. Rivers, refuges and ridges: At the intraspecific level, two allopatric clades for C.

Sowell’s short-tailed bat – Wikipedia

Vieira’s long-tongued bat X. Please see our brief essay. The dataset included the 12 sequences of C.

Tomes’s sword-nosed bat L. Velvety fruit-eating bat E. All phylogenetic analyses resulted in the same clades for C.

The Amazon samples analyzed presented both new haplotypes or shared haplotypes with north-east Atlantic Forest. Chestnut long-tongued bat L. Big-eared woolly bat C. Lonchorhina sword-nosed bats Tomes’s sword-nosed bat L. This observation can be explained by incomplete lineage sorting or by contemporary migration. Stylar shelf is high. Additionally, it also found two allopatric clades for C.

Fur usually short, sparse, and clearly tricolored Hahn Cuban fig-eating bat P. Antillean fruit-eating bat B. In other projects Wikimedia Commons Wikispecies.


Sowell’s short-tailed bat (Carollia sowelli) | ZooChat

Furthermore, if we equate the intraspecific phylogenies of both species with their history of origin and diversification, the distribution of lineages and clades as well as the indication of a more recent colonization of the Atlantic Forest by C. View large Download slide.

Red fruit bat S. General topology showing the intraspecific lineages of Carollia perspicillata and Carollia brevicaudawith three different phylogenetic support methods: The field of phylogeography, which comprises comparisons of phylogenetic relationships and geographic ranges among intraspecific evolutionary lineages and species, has provided a better understanding of Neotropical biogeography, as well as the identification of areas of endemism.

Evolutionary diversification of spiny rats genus TrinomysRodentia: You can help Wikipedia by expanding it. The short-tailed sowellu bat Carollia perspicillata Linnaeus is a widely distributed species, ranging from Mexico to northern Argentina, including Paraguay and Brazil Pine,being the most abundant and the most widespread member of its genus Fleming,