the issue is everybody makes new topic and wants to get FULL guide about gear, stigmas for each case of life. For cleric there are many sets. Oct 14, Aion brings with it a lot of changes in terms of overall gameplay and the simplification of the game. However, Cleric’s the goodnews is your. Oct 29, If you picked the path of the Cleric, you signed a contract secretly. A Daeva of healing must dedicate themsevles to little more than the status of.

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Hey its me again i was wondering about the manastones i should use, i used manastone: You can also spend these level practicing your multi-faceted play style and start contributing to groups as a healer. The availability of Stigmas in 6.

As for instances, if you’ve been spamming them then you’ve surely got a better sample than me. Holy Servant, gained at level 16, gives you a stationery assistant who provides a bit of dps during a battle.

For cleric there are many sets, so it will be very long guide. X in another thread?

Aion Cleric Class Leveling Guide

Level 19 updates your Hallowed Strike ability, but more importantly, you gain the Penance spell. Was this guide helpful? My Gladiator uses both these and the polearm as the main weapons. I just want to make sure nothing glitched and that I am playing the correct version.

I still thank you for the list you’ve obviously put a lot of time and attention to detail with. Level 10 brings you a wealth of new abilities, along with a few upgrades to old favorites.

Yes, clwric right, you can use it and PvP with rifting if you’re into that. Crucible Spire is different. The post was edited 1 time, last by plsclericpls Mar 11th6: This is another reason why stacking HP is preferable over MP. Mirash sometimes drops a bundle and it’s still a random for your class.


It is helpful in most areas gjide. Templars can’t use greatswords the cldric way Gladiators can’t use dual swords, only polearms. Entered Frozen Monolith twice, shugo was there once, i don’t know if he had a box or not because i had just entered to see how duoable it was up until boss in yellow gear so i didn’t get to the boss.

Transformation contracts in their cash shop are 2x or 3x more expensive compared to Korea’s.

cleric TIPS

I know you have already answer on the clasic question what gear stigmas etc. How can you once in game find out cleic version of Aion your playing? People said it rarely appears, aaion if it does, it does not drop anything. Just now, Kubei-DN said:.

Using the “Switch Weapon” ability allows you to carry both weapon sets without taking up any space in your cube. I have search everything but i am confused 1 solo: The next patch is approx. Not sure how it’s gonna be here on NA. In EU, just like in Korea, you can re-tune your items with kinah for random stats.

Aion Cleric Class Guide created by Moses

This is to compensate for the reduced damage-reduction gained by equipping a shield. Legendary grades purple are near impossible. Do you know if that includes pre Cradle of Eternity is 3-man and it feels like a boss rush mode, you can practically solo it if you get a slightly better gear.

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Chanter’s can’t use mace and shield and Clerics can’t akon staves. The gears you get as drop in instances are both skins and can be sold to NPC for kinah. But this feels more like Dauntless and a few other games I can think of where the sole focus is combat and PVP with what is left of Aion’s story left in as just an afterthought. Because you have a gift box on level 75, it gifts you a beginner’s PvP set.


It drops Legendary grade gear, however it’s only PvE.

When it comes to weapons it seems unchanged, and I know I was wrong on that since I went to double check. You cannot level past 55 unless you do campaign. I guess most of the positive things come from different areas, like enchanting and PvP. Sign In Sign Up. The Cleric is one of the two specialized classes available to the Priest class once the player hits level Oct 26th9: I think Templars still can use Greatswords, because you can craft them in Aetherforging.

You also gain a very useful crowd-control ability here, with Root. Clerics can no longer use staves, just as Templars can’t use Greatswords anymore. Not sure if I’ll fancy this though, it might become a strong p2w feature. It applies for all classes. A few things on my experience on the EU 6.

Popping this ability at the right time can help turn the tide of battle in your favor. And i would like to know which pve accessorie set is the best to have and pvp set.

When I tried to find the selective identification on my KR account, it wasn’t there, I wonder if it’s because I used ancient grade?