Items 1 – 50 of In an effort to provide an easy way to introduce and implement a high-psionics campaign, Dreamscarred Press is proud to announce the first. The latest Tweets from Dreamscarred Press (@dreamscarred). Publisher of rules supplements for Pathfinder, Starfinder, and Prosper, TX. Dreamscarred Press makes a wide variety of classes using different subsystems of rules, which are detailed below. Akashic Magic. Akasha is an ancient form of.

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The Fleshwarping motif details the modern practice of an ancient psionic tradition, including new augmentations, powers, and other player options. Shop the Open Gaming Store! This includes new character options and GM tools. And a book of this size isn’t cheap to create. The innate power of the mind is present within all creatures. If we want to get an affordable, traditional offset print run, we need to order at least copies of the hardcover to be cost effective.

What’s In It

Focused Disciplines Psionics Augmented: The Shadow Wars motif will be added, detailing the spies, saboteurs, and revolutionaries dreamscared the psionic races, and the resources they use to hide and find information, manipulate extradimensional space, and get out alive to fight another day. The Bestiary will be a separate book, so as to not impact the completion and shipping of the Psionics Guide.

These crude magical constructs are sustained by attaching them to points in the body that naturally conduct energy, called chakra.

In addition, these books will go to print and ship out first! Expand your psionic horizons! The werewolf template for player characters Different aspects of lycanthropy and how to use it in your game Werewolf-themed archetypes including the moonlight meditant, silverblade hunter, unshackled rager, and wild huntmaster Three new prestige classes: Please see the FAQ for more information about this reward. Each of these component pieces is like a single facet of a greater whole.


With this funding level, we’ll add full-page images to the start of each chapter.

Dreamscarred Press RPG Products

Premium prints will have more vibrant colors. But it is those who choose to take levels in psionic classes who presx unlock and develop this immense power contained within.

Voyager provides new character options for your Pathfinder RPG campaign. You may be wondering what is the difference between the standard full-color hardcover book and the premium full-color hardcover book.

We learned a tremendous amount from our previous Kickstarters and have built this project to be successful using those lessons learned. For backers in the US, there is no additional shipping cost. But what if the adventurers are themselves werewolves? While this will increase the page count, it will not change the price of the book for any add-on selections.

Dreamscarred Press is creating Roleplaying Games | Patreon

See below for dreakscarred of premium vs standard prints. Higher-tier patreons will be able to vote on which project should the next for release.

This release of Psionics Augmented includes the following brand-new options: Uncertain Futures From the Deep 2: Over pages of Pathfinder content, over power and item cards, and their entire 3. Seventh Path Psionics Augmented: Sell in the Open Gaming Store!

Dreamscarred Press makes a wide variety of classes using different subsystems of rules, which are detailed below.

Dreamscarred Press | Pathfinder Psionics | Miniatures

Estimated delivery Dec You support Dreamscarred Press and will get early access to any playtest documents for our projects, as well as updates on what we have in the pipe for the Patreon releases! What we need funds for is artwork and printing costs. Reward no longer available 1 backer. Long before wizards began unraveling the secrets of the cosmos and codifying them into arcane formulae, and even before dragons, demons and other beings of magic began mingling their blood with lesser species, wise mystics and abstruse visionaries bound the raw magical essence known as akasha into crude physical forms and bent its might to their enigmatic purposes.

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The Psionics Guide has already been written and is going through public playtesting to get reviews and feedback. Strength, Dexterity, and Constitution, are also factors. With the new movement-focused voyager class, Psionics Augmented: This supplement aims to update those options for Pathfinder and expand upon them.

Wilders From the Deep 1: For most adventurers, this is a warning to unsheathe silver weapons and prepare to battle against werewolves. Book 2 is a page supplement that includes: Because the Psionics Guide may finish before the Bestiary is finished, we may ship these separately. If we get higher funding, we’ll expand the size of the release.

With Bloodforge Infusions, we take that to a whole new level! We will add the Bringers of Peace motif, which will give expanded information on dreammscarred Noral Democratic Republic, the frenzied terraforming obsessions of the duergar, and the online culture of the Astreidi, including player options and GM tools. Akashic War – a crossover supplement of the Akashic Mysteries and Path of War systems, this release is for the dreamscarrev class, which blends veilweaving from Akashic Mysteries and maneuvers from Path of War.

By initiating these in combat, the martial disciple has a powerful edge that can even rival the powers of the spellcasters of the world. The themes discussed for stretch goals do not refer to the Starfinder RPG term theme like the Ace Pilot, but instead dreamscared thematic group of character options and GM tools. Each PDF supplement we’ll release will initially be planned for 8 to 12 pages. Uncertain Dreamscarree From the Deep 2: