@ 00 41 31 32 41 Yes men/ /ind EBG – Eisenbahngesetz vom Dezember would have simplified the administrative structure and Administrative Structures? . gemeines Eisenbahngesetz (General Railways Act); § 28(1) sent. 2 of the. Home» Fields of Law» Public» Administrative Procedure Law .. designated in the General Rail Act (Allgemeines Eisenbahngesetz), the.

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If the Constitutional Court of a Land has found that Land law is null and void or has declared provisions of Land law to be null and void, rulings of the courts of administrative jurisdiction which are no longer contestable based on the provision which has been declared null and void shall remain unaffected.

The court may prohibit the proxy-holder designated in subsection 2, second sentence, Nos. No special reasoning shall be required if the authority takes an emergency measure designated as such in the public interest where a delay is likely to jeopardise the success, in particular with impending disadvantages for life, health or property as a precautionary measure.

Execution from such a ruling shall be inadmissible on proviso of a special statutory arrangement by the Land. This shall be issued by. The organisations designated in subsection 2, second sentence, No. Section 45 The administrative court shall adjudicate at first instance on all disputes for which recourse to the administrative courtsis available. Section The ruling of the court against the decisions of the commissioned or requested judge or of the clerk can be applied for within two weeks after announcement.

The Court shall rule by order on the costs consequence. Section 96 1 The court shall take evidence in the oral hearing. It should contain a specific motion. Section 74 1 The rescissory action must be lodged within one month of service of the ruling on the objection.

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Such a review shall not be required if a statute so determines, or if 1. Section a afmin In response to the complaint of a party concerned impaired by a court ruling, the proceedings shall be continued if 1.

The Higher Administrative Court shall only review the reasoning submitted. The order must determine in which daily newspapers the announcements are to be published; here, daily newspapers shall be provided for which are disseminated in the area in which the decision is likely to impact. EBG 1 vom Appeals against procedural acts by authorities may only be asserted at the same time as appeals which are admissible against the factual decision.

Section of the Code of Civil Procedure shall apply mutatis mutandis if the party obliged to pay the costs consists of several persons. A deadline or subpoena must be publicly announced in its full wording. When you protect your PDF documents with passwords you can optionally specify a set of permissions. In a Land in which there is no Constitutional Court, jurisdiction assigned to the Higher Administrative Court to rule on constitutional disputes within the Land shall remain unaffected until the establishment of a Constitutional Court.

Section 65, subsections 1 and 4, and section 66 shall apply mutatis mutandis. This shall not apply to subpoenas in accordance with section 65, subsection 2. The complaint must designate the impugned judgment. Section 51 1 In cases where the prohibition of an entire association has been ordered under section 5, subsection 2, of the Associations Act rather than prohibition of only one part of the association, any proceeding on an action brought by this part of the association against its prohibition shall be suspended until such time as a decision has been made on an action brought against prohibition of the entire association.


» Code of Administrative Court Procedure (Verwaltungsgerichtsordnung, VwGO) German Law Archive

Used psexec to read the computer names from a text file and run the commands from the website in a batch file. Subsection 1, second and third sentences, shall apply mutatis mutandis.

Section 12 1 Qdmin provisions of section 11 shall apply mutatis mutandis to the Higher Administrative Court insofar as it rules finally on a matter of Land law. The period may not exceed one month.

Code of Administrative Court Procedure (Verwaltungsgerichtsordnung, VwGO)

Section 23 1 The following may reject nomination to the office of honorary judge 1. Section 67, subsection 4, shall remain unaffected. Section 4 The provisions of Title II of the Courts Constitution Act Gerichtsverfassungsgesetz shall apply mutatis mutandis to the courts of administrative jurisdiction.

This shall apply equally in the case of actions for mandatory injunction of an administrative act in those cases covered by the first sentence. Service shall be effected ex officio in accordance with the provisions eisenbahngrsetz the Administration Service Act Verwaltungszustellungsgesetz.

Section 6 1 The chamber should as a rule assign the legal dispute to one of its members as an individual judge for a ruling if 1.