A lyrical historical romance for fans of The English Patient Eighteen-year-old Ellen never expected the Hallendorf school to be, well, quite so unusual. After all . Having recently run out of new books to read, I chose to reread one of my old favourites, A Song for Summer by Eva Ibbotson. The book is set in. A SONG FOR SUMMER By Eva Ibbotson. BOOK JACKET INFORMATION In a fragile world on the brink of World War II, lovely young Englishwoman Ellen Carr .

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I loved this book because it was so delightfully funny and upbeat, especially considering the topics it covers. But they never forget each other, and in the end, q love triumphs. The staff and children at the Hallendorf School for Music, Drama and Dance, are colourful and eccentric and Ellen settles in well. It is not only the school which attracts Ellen, but also the quiet, mysterious gardener, Marek Tarnowsky.

A Song for Summer by Eva Ibbotson – review

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This field is required. Bennet to Marek the mysterious ibbotsln depends on Ellen for – well, everything. Such a lovely story. Description When Ellen Carr abandons grey, dreary London to become housekeeper at an experimental school in Austria, she finds her destiny. Jul 16, Margaret rated it it was amazing.

A Song for Summer

However, Ellen fixes the contrary nature of the school within her first week of being there, helping the children with their problems, comforting the staff, and, most importantly, reinventing the kitchen. Summr with This Book. There are flowers everywhere, tended by the mysterious, kind, resourceful and handsome Marek Tarnowsky, age 29, who looks like every other Ibbotson hero: Heard so much about Eva Ibbotson.

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Trivia About A Song for Summer.

But the best part is the whole-heart joy of her writing. As both Ellen and Marek have other love interests pursuing them, pathetic Kendrick Frobisher and ageing diva Brigitta Seefeld respectively, their relationship symmer to be doomed, despite the fact that they are evidently meant for each other.

To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. However everytime the plot focussed around the lovestory ies it started to bore me. Bernard Ashley Closely based on historical fact, Bernard Ashley has created another gripping account of wartime London.

Feb 27, Corinne Edwards rated it it was amazing Shelves: The hero is Marek, the dashing gardener and fencing teacher who is also a member of the Resistance and a very famous compose I’m going to have to go ahead and call this book flat out silly.

Generally, Ibbotson is going along, telling us about storks and little flowers and then, just when something good is going to happen, she throws in a page break, skips ahead a few weeks, and then ibboyson us what happened in retrospect, stripping the action of any, well, action.

Love and danger find Ellen in the form of Marek, the school’s handyman who moonlights with the resistance movement in helping smuggle Jews out of Hitler’s reach. Ask the women of Guernica whether anyone cared what sex they were when they bombed the marketplace. View all 4 comments. However, when the fallout of a war’s beginning touches Ellen’s life, she does not shirk and we follow Ellen’s story throughout Europe as the love that we know she’s found works itself out amidst the uncertainty of the Third Reich’s advance.

Dead End Kids Author: And yet, here he is doing landscaping at the castle. What more could I ask for than that?


A Song for Summer – Wikipedia

Hitler is already stirring and making life difficult in Germany when Ellen arrives in a picturesque village in Austria. I still love Eva Ibbotson’s way to tell stories. It begins in her childhood, when she is inspired by her grandfather’s Austrian housemaid to one day travel to Austria, and follows her as she pursues this dream, becoming the matron of a forward-thinking, arts-based school, Hallendorf, in the Austrian countryside.

Song for Summer Author s: Along comes a princely type who falls for her goodness and simplicity as well as her beauty.

Oh well, I still have to go through her children’s novels and I have a feeling they’re good too. It’s a wonder that the Japanese Shojo Manga industry hasn’t discovered Ibbotson: Taking a job as the young Matron of students in a small, private, “progressive” school in rural Austria, sojg must deal with everything from bazaar teachers who swim in the nude or carry around a love-child with no diapers on in order to be more “natural” to wild-eyed and broken I loved this book because it was so delightfully funny and upbeat, especially considering the topics it covers.

The story’s heroine, young Ellen, relocates from England to Austria, partly to escape the expectations of her suffragette mother and aunts.

A Song for Summer by Eva Ibbotson

But I felt like I got a perfect ending and conclusion to the story. The parts of the story set in Hallendorf, the village and the cottage were pleasant to read. I really love Ellen!