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Insuficient evidence exists to assess whether progesterone and cercage together have an additive effect in reducing the fpgsi of preterm birth in women at high-risk for preterm birth. If one baby has markers or defects suggestive of chromosoma abnormaities, then again directy offer invasive testing.

Have a written breastfeeding poicy that is routiney communicated to a heath care staff and dispayed prominenty in a strategic positions.

List of FOGSI Focus

Obstetric decisions during perinata period are chaenging considering the fact that they can affect the mother, fetus, the pregnancy outcome as we as the ong-term heath of the mother and chid. The affected individual foocus undergo HIV testing at 3,6 and 12 months [ 4 ]. Utrasound nucha transucency at competed weeks combined with serum markers at weeks. It corresponds to an Apgar score of 3 or ess.


These counseors are aways avaiabe to the mothers even after discharge foggsi the hospita. Aong with insuin therapy, MNT is aso advised. An episode of hyperthyroidism 3 to 4 months reverting to euthyroidism. Menta status is atered, ranging from extreme nervousness and restessness, confusion to psychosis, seizures and coma. Eary Detection of Prematurity. Expansion of the ungs with the cry of the newborn resuts in absorption of the uid in the aveoi by the pumonary ymphatics and a decrease in the pumonary vascuar resistance with an increase in the pumonary bood ow, thus estabishing the ungs as a source of gas exchange.


One has to decide what one wi do in one’s practice. Giring JC, Dornhrost A. Those newborns who required greater resuscitative efforts need to be admitted to the newborn care unit and cose cardiopumonary monitoring shoud be done as they fosi at greater risk of deveoping compications.

FOGSI Publication The Federation of Obstetric & Gynecological Societies of India

Deivery shoud be offered at 37 weeks of gestation. It is aso the most economica and hence, is most frequenty empoyed for screening and foow-up in subcinica hypothyroidism. Citrus fruits and ama are good sources. If a baby remains apneic despite tactie stimuation, positive pressure ventiation shoud be immediatey initiated with bag and mask. Everyday experiences in a baby s ife can deveop and stimuate his or her senses and provide parents an opportunity to nurture their baby s abiity to earn, think, ove and grow.

Current dimensions and future implications.

Care for women with prior preterm birth. Diabetes Care Juy; 30 2: CD Hypertension in Pregnancy. The goa of a attempts to predict and prevent preterm abor is to improve preterm infants chances of surviving with as few compications as possibe. Preventive measures against Type 2 DM shoud start during intrauterine period and continue throughout ife from eary chidhood.

Minimizes postpartum bood oss. It has been suggested that premature cervica shortening or ripening might be the primary mechanism preceding onset of actua PTL. A comparison of symphysis funda height and utrasound as screening tests for ight for gestationa age infants. Deivery During abour, it is essentia to maintain good gycemic contro yet avoiding hypogycemia.

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Encourage breastfeeding on demand.

Which babies shoud be screened for ROP and when? WHO Buetin, Nutrition in pregnancy refers to the nutrient intake, and dietary panning that is undertaken before, during and after pregnancy. The incidence of SIDS aso reduces by keeping the baby next to the mother in the same bed.

Practice rooming in aows mothers and infants to remain together fogxi hours a day. Cervica funneing does not increase risk of PTL flgsi with a shortened cervica ength1. In most cases, you shoud have given at east 30 seconds of ventiation through a propery inserted endotrachea tube or aryngea mask. Growth restriction impies a pathoogica restriction of the genetic growth potentia.

Iron suppementation woud be required for ater phase. Preterm abor is covered in chapter 4 in more detai. SGA fetus detected after 32 weeks of gestation With an abnorma umbiica artery Dopper, deivery no ater than 37 weeks of gestation is recommended.

Diabetic mothers are aso at an increased risk of hypertension in ate pregnancy. Robert Frost has said: Ony a high NT does not ca for a termination.

B abies in shock appear pae, fogei deayed capiary rei and have weak puses.