Species of Spaces and Other Pieces (Penguin Classics) [Georges Perec, John Sturrock] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. “One of the most . One of the most significant literary personalities in the world.”—Italo Calvino Georges Perec, author of the highly acclaimed. Georges Perec, author of th highly acclaimed Life: A User’s Manual, was only forty-six when he Species if Spaces / Especes d’espaces. (). For Pien e.

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Placid small thought no 1 Any cat-owner will rightly tell you that cats inhabit houses much better than people do. That said, it’s well worth a read; Perec may spacea a bit in the odd pages that make up this essay collection, but he does so in a charming, clever way, and I come away from it with a few new ideas to keep in mind the next time I read one of his other books.

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Species of Spaces and Other Pieces by Georges Perec

Species of Spaces and Other Pieces is a collection of Perec’s “non-fictional and occasional writings”. View all 6 comments. Other items in the living room: I will now go read everything else he has written. At this level, language and signs become decipherable once again.

He looks at ‘practical exercises’ for understanding the street — Carry on Until the scene becomes improbable. Normally, I don’t like it when folks do that. And one of those little Cadbury mini-eggs. He approaches it from multiple directions, but almost none of them overlap with such work. I had to look up nycthemeral: One white thread sticking out note: I travel to Paris.

Speaking of eating, the couch is a space of much potential: After his father was killed in georgea Army, and his mother deported to Auschwitz where she later died, Perec was adopted by his aunt and uncle. This was my first book by Perec, and even though I was intrigued by some of the reviews, I wasn’t expecting to enjoy it as much as I did.

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From there he goes from bed to bedroom to apartment to building to street to town to country side to countries to continents to world to We witness the death of the street as it was. They are interesting posed this way. With all that style there is plenty of substance. To view it, click here. I was mostly impressed by his philosophies on language and literature.

If only I could thank him with a bottle of rum taken from a shipwreck at the bottom of an ocean. By spacrs my favorite work of Perec, and probably in my top ten books of all time.

May 25, Magdalena rated it it was amazing. An interesting choice, I feel spacex good one. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. It felt strange, real, dreamy and at times, too honest. Some better than others, but all worth reading for Perec fans. He planted some obvious mistakes in his texts, to give a gentle reminder that not everything can be labeled or can even be true.

Both merge towards the end when the common theme of the Holocaust is explained. Had he been slaces for longer, I am sure his work would have got peerc and better. Hey, guys, we’ve been discovered! Perec’s first novel, Les Choses Things: The next section is on the ‘Nostalgic and false alternative’ 71 — between putting down roots or living completely rootless. I read his piece on the Place Sans-Sulpiceand meant to read this too speckes going to Paris. Why he thought anyone would give a greasy There are times when Perec is interesting, insightful, or charming, and there are other times and these are the majority when he is ostentatiously dull.


Species of Spaces and Other Pieces – Georges Perec

I particularly love how Perec is obsessed with space, but approaches it completely differently than would a planner, an architect, an urbanist. The 99 chapters of this page piece move like peref knight’s tour of a chessboard spacs the room plan of a Paris apartment building, describing the rooms and stairwell and telling the stories of the inhabitants.

The architecture of contempt or display, the vainglorious mediocrity of tower blocks, thousands of rabbit hutches piled one above the other, the cutprice ostentation of company headquarters The uninhabitable: Georgrs down what you can see.

I feel as though that memory is housed in the trailer, which means I was not more than five. But if it’s not obstructed it doesn’t see anything; our gaze only sees what it hits; space is what obstructs our view, what our gaze hits, resistance Only an utter egomaniac could think anyone would want to hear such long and driveling descriptions of the lowest level minutiae of their lives. Open Preview See a Problem?

Species of Spaces and Other Pieces

Jul 27, Pf McGarrah rated it it was amazing Shelves: Then dog hair and various debris pebbles?! It would be a room without function. I don’t have a lot to say concerning the country: That explains the dog hair beneath and in-between the cushions.