Nagano, in the northern part of Nagano Prefecture, is located at the basin of the Chikuma-gawa River that runs through the Zenko-ji-daira Plateau. It developed. Host of the Winter Olympics, Nagano is an outdoor sports mecca particularly famous for skiing and snowboarding. Often called the “roof of Japan,” it boasts. The rugged and forested Kiso Valley in southwestern Nagano is a fascinating step back in time. The area is home to the best-preserved section of the old.

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Nagano Togakushi-Jinja Shrine Nagano-ken. Spring Party beneath the cherry blossoms against a backdrop of snow-capped peaks.

Nagano City & Around | Nagano Attractions | Japan Travel | JNTO

A cousin of horseradish but far less common, wasabi is the spicy Japanese alternative to hot mustard. It developed as a temple town for Zenko-ji Temple, that is said to have been built at the beginning of the 7th century.

Hakuba is arguably the most popular winter sports destination on the mainland and is home to a number of snow resorts set against nagsno impressive mountain backdrop. The current reconstruction was built in the s. Seeking out the keys of enlightenment at the bustling Zenkoji Temple Strolling among towering cedars at Togakushi-jinja Shrine Chestnut sweets, local sake and Hokusai’s wood block prints in charming Obuse.

Many climbers also visit these mountains in winter for backcountry skiing and snowshoeing. Jigokudani snow monkey park. After hitting the powder-rich slopes, get warm with onsen soaks and flasks of hot local sake.

Nagano Daihoji Temple Nagano-ken.

Skiing & Snowboarding in Japan

Twenty minutes from the station is Kagura resort and a little further the popular Naeba. Charming Obuse, about 20 kilometers northeast of Naganois one of the prefecture’s most picturesque small towns. Please Confirm Your Location We use location data to provide you with accurate tourism info. There are two main ski resort regions of Niigata — Yuzawa and Myoko. Grope your way through the dark, feeling for the keys of paradise attached to the wall.


It has a wildly colorful display of over 1, species of butterflies from around the world.

Skiing & Snowboarding in Japan | JNTO Toronto

The communities around the Yatsugatake foothills offer hot springs, restaurants and cafes, the shops of local artisans, and occasional craft fairs. Stop by Masuichi-Ichimura brewery or Matsubaya for samples. Karuizawa has a casual cosmopolitan atmosphere, with plenty of quirky pensions. The Omote-Sando area, along the front approach to Zenko-ji Temple, is now home to the largest shopping mall in the city.

Get on a bike and explore Lake Suwa. It’s a popular area for hiking and trekking, rivaled only by the Nagano Alps. Jigokudani snow monkey park.

Suwa comes alive with festivals and events throughout the year. It is best in the evening, when the old buildings are lit nsgano glowing lanterns. The GALA Yuzawa resort has its own bullet station that doubles as a gondola station so you can step off the train and straight onto a gondola!

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Don’t forget to try Tokagushi’s famous buckwheat soba noodles while in town. From the early s until the late s, the Nakasendo Highway served as a vital travel artery, connecting Kyoto and Edo jntoo Tokyo.

Nagano is the prefecture’s largest naganoo with a population of aboutFrom airport to destination. You can even try out your shuriken-throwing skills at their target range.

Nagano Shibu Onsen Nagano-ken.

Please Confirm Your Location

By simply entering the departing and arrival station, get an overview of train transfer method, fares, and travel time. Rental cycles are available outside of the Suwa area stations, as well as lakeside, near Hotel Beniya. Watch Suwa Lake light up. Party beneath the cherry blossoms against a backdrop of snow-capped peaks.


You might be surprised to find that one-day lift passes, costing around to yen, are relatively inexpensive in Japan compared to other countries. A visit to Suwa-Taisha is like entering jto mists of Japan’s deep past—its existence was implied in the country’s second-oldest book, the Nihon Shoki. Enclaves of rural culture continue much as they have for centuries, with the villages of Tsumago and Narai appearing as if they were plucked straight from a samurai film.

We use cookies on this site to jntto your user experience. The other main region is Myoko, home to the Suginohara, Akakura and Ikenotaira resorts.

If you continue to browse, you accept the use of cookies on our site. Known for its bold red and black colors as well as nagno designs on both small and large household objects, this traditional craft continues to please locals and visitors alike.

To see more of the area, get out on the water and try kayaking on Lake Ontake for spectacular volcano views. Raucous festivals and the stately black walls of Matsumoto Castle also survive naagno, as do rustic onsen villages with their relaxing mountain ambiance. If you continue to browse, you accept the use of cookies on our site.